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#7 Jaleh Bisharat

Guest: Jaleh Bisharat

Career: Co-founder and CEO of NakedPoppy, former executive @ Amazon, OpenTable, Upwork & Eventbrite

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This epode will help YOU: 

  1. Learn more about how to identify the most promising team to join. 

  2. Learn more about how to build and manage a successful team. 

  3. Marketing a brand from scratch.

Jaleh Bisharat is the Co-founder and CEO of NakedPoppy, a clean beauty e-tailer that uses AI to pinpoint the perfect-for-you clean makeup and skincare products. Prior to founding NakedPoppy, she served as VP of Marketing/ CMO at Amazon, OpenTable, Upwork and Eventbrite. 

Book mentioned: Homegoing, The New Jim Crow

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