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#16 & 17 Katelin Holloway

Updated: Aug 13, 2020

Guest: Katelin Holloway

Career: Partner @ Initialized Capital, former VP @ Reddit

Listen here:

Part 1: Apple Spotify YouTube

Part 2: Apple Spotify YouTube

You can learn more about: 

  1. Career transition: from tech to venture capital. 

  2. Network: how to create opportunities and build better relationships at work. 

  3. People and culture: how to attract talents and build a better culture at work. 

Katelin Holloway is a Partner at Initialized Capital. Prior to venture capital, she worked as the VP of People and Culture at Reddit. She is passionate about building scalable, inclusive institutional cultures. Before joining Reddit, she worked at Pixar as Script Supervisor and Klout as the Head of People and Culture. 

Book mentioned: Alpha Girls. Creativity, Inc. Let My People Go Surfing

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