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How To Be A VC
(No.1 New Release in Amazon Venture Capital Category) 

If you are young and want to explore investment in technology? 
If you are just someone wanting to be the boss of your industry? 
This book will guide your way. 

The book featured exclusive stories with some of the top venture capitalists. They were featured on the Forbes Midas List. The investors invested in companies like Facebook, Twitter, Apple,Snapchat, Salesforce, Linkedin, eBay, Twitch and many other iconic companies. 

This book is a collection on how investors get into investing. 
- How did they raise funds? 
- How did they build up relationships with their peers and entrepreneurs? 
- How did they discover and invest in some of the most iconic companies?

The Last Key To Success

This book is a short guide for people in their 20’s trying to create a company in America. It includes 21 successful founders. In it, each founder covers about 2 out of the 13 topics below to share their opinions and personal experiences from when they started their own business

1.     How do you start a company ?

2.     How do you capitalize on resources, experiences, and strengths—and manage weaknesses?

3.     What are the benefits and drawbacks of co-founders, teammates, and mentors?

4.     How do you support yourself when starting a company—financially and personally?

5.     How did you develop your product?

6.     How did you deal with competition, audience, and trends?

7.     How do you operate and manage your company?

8.     How did you get funding and develop your business model?

9.     How do you contemplate scalability and growth for your company?

10.  What are sales and marketing tactics that have worked for your company?

11.  How do you handle challenges of the global marketplace, including visas and the legal system?

12.  How have you dealt with failures?

13.  What is the most important advice you would give to first-time founders?


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